Your user friendly desktop assistant for folding & inserting mails

Whatever kind of business you're in, if you send even a few hundred items of mail each month you could really benefit from having a folder inserter.

  • Fully automated for an optimal mail flow
  • A versatile workstation to meet all your needs
  • Compact - fits on any desk

The solution that combines ease of use and efficiency

From invoices to promotions, a folder inserter is just the job to precisely and professionally fold, insert and seal your mail items at the touch of a button. The Neopost DS-35 is the ideal candidate for the job. Extremely user friendly, the DS-35 can free up valuable staff to get on with more productive and profitable tasks.

DS-35 folding inserting machine, the ideal assistant in any office environment

Main Features
  • Speed: up to 1350 envelope per hour
  • Job memorie: up to 15
  • Sheet feeders 2 feeders
  • Insert/BRE feeder 1 feeder 
  • Folding capacity Up to 5 sheets
  • Fold types Letter, single, double parallel, no fold