High Quality & Reliable Booklet Makers & Collators To Suit Your Production Needs

MORGANA Digital Booklet Making Systems

MORGANA DocuMaster Pro Booklet Maker
MORGANA DocuMaster Pro Booklet Maker

Highly Versatile & Multi-Tasking with The NEW SmartScreen Touch Screen Tech

Simplicity of operation is key to finishing digitally printed work because run lengths are often short and variable data is becoming increasingly popular....

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MORGANA DocuMaster MFC Booklet Maker

Highly Versatile & Multi-Tasking with The Intelligent GUI Touch Screen Panel

With multiple feed stations, the design allows for feeding of specialised covers and booklet inside pages from separate feed bins while still allowing for...

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MORGANA Square Back

Enhanced Appearance of Finished Documents

Enhanced appearance of finished documents will be achieved with the optional Square Back System.

This will...

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UCHIDA Collating & Booklet Making Systems

UCHIDA UC-1100 Collator

Efficiently Collates A Wide Variety of Papers At The Maximum Cost Performance

UCHIDA Collator UC-1100 efficiently collates a wide variety of papers at the maximum cost performance. The center feed system...

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UCHIDA AeroCollate

Compact & Reliable Air Suction Collator for Digital & Offset Finishers

AeroCollate is the latest compact and reliable air suction collator from UCHIDA. AeroCollate exceeds all functions of previous...

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UCHIDA USF-3100 Booklet Maker

High Speed Automatic Booklet Maker Improves Productivity

Realise the highest speed in this class Realise the speed of 3,100 booklets per hour when using USF-3100 alone and 2,400 booklets per...

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UCHIDA USF-W Booklet Maker

UCHIDA USF-W Booklet Maker (Wire Stitching Type)

Adopting a wire stitch system, USF-W exceptionally reduces its running cost comparing with cartridge staple type. Side and back...

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UCHIDA UT-3100 Book Trimmer

Complete Your Booklet Making System with High Processing Speed Booklet Trimmer

High speed operation Over 2,500 sets of booklet can be trimmed per hour. It is not necessary to decrease the processing speed in the...
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